Councillor Wards of Toronto and East York

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Who are we?

The Toronto & East York Community Preservation Panel is one of four volunteer committees appointed by Toronto City Council to help Council make informed decisions about the conservation of the city’s heritage buildings and sites. The panel is made up of citizens with a strong interest or expertise in Toronto’s heritage and historic preservation, and the Chair of each panel is a voting member on the Toronto Preservation Board.

Our mission

Our mission is to help Toronto be a place where educated and engaged stakeholders ensure that development embraces our built, archaeological, cultural, and landscape heritage and values these as assets that enhance our community—because our environment tells our story.

Community Preservation Panel Mandate

Each panel may:

  1. Recommend properties within the local community which should be considered by the Board for inclusion on the Inventory of Heritage Properties;
  2. Monitor heritage properties, including those properties at risk, for review and discussion by the Board;
  3. Research into properties being proposed for inclusion on the Inventory of Heritage Properties, public programs and other preservation-related issues;
  4. Provide for public awareness and promotion of issues relating to heritage properties, in co-operation with Heritage Toronto and other heritage groups, as required;
  5. Promote neighbourhood heritage and history;
  6. Arrange to erect plaques or markers, or both, on community sites of local interest;
  7. Provide for local community activities recognizing the efforts of citizens to protect, preserve or promote heritage properties;
  8. Co-ordinate related heritage activities with local museums, societies, the Toronto District School Board and similar organizations within the community (responsibility shared with the Board);
  9. Advocate, in co-operation with Heritage Toronto and other community heritage organizations, as required;
  10. Undertake such other duties relating to heritage preservation issues as may be assigned to it by Council;
  11. Report to the Toronto Preservation Board.